3 Gonzalo Pintor Serrano

Certified Teacher
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Gonzalo Pintor Serrano (1967-) resides in the Southern Spanish city of Cordoba, in the region of Andalusia. His earlier training saw him experience several styles of kung fu, before a happy chance encounter saw him become a loyal student of Mak Che-kong Sifu. Gonzalo’s students have since opened Hung Gar schools all over Andalusia, allowing him to disseminate the benefits of traditional Chinese martial arts across the region.

Serrano Sifu is friends with the respected Master Francis Cheung of the Pak Mei style. Gonzalo was keen to find a suitable teacher in Hung Gar kung fu. In 2011, Sifu Cheung arranged for Serrano to meet a well-known expert in the style. When this man did not arrive, the pair went for a stroll in the park, where they happened upon Mak Sifu, who was teaching an outdoor kung fu session.

Gonzalo was immediately impressed by Mak Che-kong’s technical skill and humility, and started training under him on the spot. Since then, Serrano has followed Mak Sifu diligently, both visiting Hong Kong and hosting seminars with his teacher in Spain. Gonzalo teaches at his Sur Occidental (Western South) school in Andalusia.

Serrano Sifu has been a leading light in the development of Hung Gar in his native country, and is a founding member of the Hung Kung Espana organization.