6 Yau Chun Kit 邱俊傑

Certified Teacher
Brief info

Yau Chun Kit (1991-) is based in Hong Kong. He has been training under Mak Sifu for more than a decade.

YAU Chun Kit started learning Hung Kuen from Mak Sifu in 2010.

Yau Chun Kit was born and raised in Hong Kong. He began training under Mak Che-kong Sifu in 2010. Chun Kit was impressed by the energy and detail of Mak Sifu’s teaching method, and so became his student. He has now learned more than twenty empty hands and weapons forms.

Yau attends classes at the Kwai Fong Martial Club, and also takes advantage of Mak Sifu’s on-line tuition courses to supplement and deepen his knowledge of Hung Gar kung fu.

Since 2015, Chun Kit has been one of Mak Sifu’s teaching assistants, helping his master share the art with the newer students.

In 2019, Yau Chun Kit took part in the 3rd International Hung Kuen Championships, and won a prize in the Men’s Short Weapon division with his performance of the Double Dragon broadsword form.


师父教学很用心,每次教了新的招式时,也会讲解背后的拳理, 气与力的运用,令我能更深入了解洪拳。