Kwan Dao 关刀

The Kwan Dao is a legendary weapon from Chinese folk-lore, given that it was wielded by the iconic General Kwan, a character from the classic historical novel ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. It consists of a heavy, broad blade at the end of a wooden pole. Some versions of the weapon can be made entirely of metal. Though the weapon itself is not a practical implement in modern combat, techniques from the Kwan Dao can be applied to a common household implement, like a broom. Diligent practice of Hung Gar’s Kwan Dao form provides a dynamic form of resistance training, and also provides a link to our precious martial heritage.

  • WEAPONS – Kwan Dao (a pole of around 5 feet, with a broad blade attached)
  • DIFFICULTY – Level 5
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masterclass webinars
(includes demo videos and booklet)

This form is discussed through 3-part webinars:

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Mak Che-kong Sifu has created a priceless video archive of traditional Hung Gar kung fu forms. His now celebrated Zoom webinars focus on the basic movements of a fist or weapon form, its application and its history. Mak Sifu is well known for the level of detail he brings to his teaching, and this is captured in this on-going series of webinars. A roughly 90 minute video is edited from each of these live events, and made available along with a video demonstration of the full form concerned and an exclusive training manual.

1-on-1 zoom intensives/ in-person sessions

US$50/1.5 hr ZOOM session [BOOK NOW]
  • Recommended Classes to Learn Form – 7 to 12
  • Refresher Classes available

Mak Che-kong Sifu has pioneered the use of the internet to spread the practice and knowledge of Chinese kung fu worldwide. Mak Sifu and his team offer one-on-one online sessions (Zoom Intensives) in traditional Hung Gar fist and weapons forms. These Zoom intensives can be scheduled for your convenience, and allow you to interact with Mak Sifu, or his senior students, from wherever you are in the world. Every Zoom session is filmed and then sent to the practitioner concerned for your record and further study.  You may also book private in-person sessions with us to be attended at Kwai Fong Martial Club.

group practice

Mak Che-kong Sifu and his senior students teach classes at the Kwai Fong Martial Club in Hong Kong. This facility has a large open training area, a full set of Hung Gar weapons and various traditional training aids, including the rarely seen Hung Gar wooden dummy. The school also has an archive of books and other documents related to Chinese martial arts culture. Mak Sifu teaches lessons at the school every week, and is also available for private or small group classes.